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We deliver quality restorations quickly & cost effectively

Garry Construction & Restoration knows how to get it done right and get it done quickly. We have crews ready to go to work for you with the skills, knowledge and expertise you need for your project.

24/7 Emergency Service

You’re never prepared for a fire, flood or serious accident that causes disastrous damage. But when crisis strikes, you want people you can trust and rely on to get your…

Fire and Smoke Damage

An accidental fire is a catastrophic event no matter where it occurs, but when it’s your home and your stuff, it’s truly shocking.

Water & Flood Restoration Services

Leaking toilet? Flooded basement? Clogged drain? These aren’t problems you can let sit, so be sure to call our emergency service line if you’ve got any sort of water issue.

Wind & Storm Damage

Wind can do a surprising amount of damage, especially to the rooftop area of your home. Wind can also down trees and electrical lines, which can be very dangerous and…